Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Strong support at Marmite picket in Burton

Strinking Marmite workers were out in force and in high spirits today on the picket line outside the Burton Upon Trent site.

Strikers were joined by Jennie Formby, UNITE's National Secretary for the Food, Drink and Tobacco Sector and the Midlands TUC Regional Secretary Rob Johnston

Rob Johnston said: "The people of Burton sent a strong message of support this morning with hoons blaring constantly as they passed the picket line.

It is clear that the public know that, quite simply, it is wrong to slash staff pensions at a time when Unilver profits are over £6bn and the boss is paid a small fortune - including £300,000 last year into his pension pot.

The striking workers should be proud of the stance they have taken and a strong message is being sent to Unilever. The company should now sit down with the unions and negotiate to retain a final salary scheme."

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