Thursday, 26 January 2012

Remploy workers out in Chesterfield

Phil Davis, GMB National Secretary visits Chesterfield
This has been a week for visiting picket lines in the region. Today we added our support to Remploy workers in Chesterfield who are protesting about the company signing a contract which means that a private company is using able bodied staff to work in Remploy factories - when the whole purpose of Remploy is to provide work for those with a disability.
Pictured is GMB National Secretary for Remploy workers, on his visit to Chesterfield today.
The factory was closed for business, and hearteningly delivery lorries were refusing to cross the picket lines.
This was one picket line with a traditional brazier burning brightly - not that I'm knocking the patio heaters on display yesterday at Unilever in Burton on Trent!

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