Thursday, 19 January 2012

Bectu members rally to protect Birmingham jobs

Rob Johnston speaking at today's Bectu rally in Birmingham
Members of Bectu today held a rally at the end of their 24 hour strike to call for the retention of jobs in the second city. members at the rally heard how jobs were being transferred without consultation, leading to over 40% of Bectu members likely to lose their jobs. Midlands TUC Regional Secretary, Rob Johnston, said, "We don't need to have highly skilled jobs exported form the region - particularly not at a time when unemployment is rising and other skilled industries are also feeling the strain of an economy heading for recession".
With many jobs likely to be lost, speakers called for more to be done to save current and future jobs. "We like the programmes we have, including "Doctors" and "The Archers", but if so many jobs are lost to the city, how much longer will these programmes be viable?"

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