Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Midlands TUC East Midlands Unemployment reaction

Commenting on the latest east midlands unemployment figures published today, (Wednesday), Midlands TUC Regional Secretary Rob Johnston said, “The news that another 7,000 people joined the dole queues in the east midlands over the last three months is truly depressing, and worse than we expected.”
“Unfortunately, unemployment in our region is fast becoming a fact of life. We have called on the government previously to take action on growth and jobs and these figures yet again show the need for bold solutions to put people back to work.”
“The news for those in work isn't great either, with pay growth falling and more people having to move to into part-time and insecure self-employment.”
“We are in the midst of a full blown jobs crisis that is causing misery for 190,000 people and their families in the east midlands and ruining any chance of an economic recovery. Ministers must start putting forward bold solutions to address this crisis, starting with a job guarantee for any young person out of work for six months.”
And the stats:
- Unemployment in the East Midlands increased by 7,000 in the three months to November, official figures have revealed.
- The Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that a total of 190,000 people were unemployed in the region between September and November.
- The region's unemployment rate was 8.3% and saw a rise of 3.8% during the period.

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  1. Yes I saw this figure of 7000 as well. And there is also a massive housing crisis brewing in the Midlands. I wrote an article about it here - Midlands Housing Crisis