Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Remploy march and Rally - Chesterfield Saturday 8th September

Workers at Chesterfield’s Remploy factory face job losses and a huge attack on their livelihood as part of the government’s plans to close and privatise Remploy factories across the country.
With more than 2.6 million people on the dole, the Government’s claim that sacked Remploy workers will be able to get jobs in the “mainstream’ is nothing but a sick joke.
Chesterfield Remploy workers are taking strike action to defend their jobs and working conditions and they need our support. Come along on the march on Saturday.

This Saturday, 8th September
Assemble 12.30am, Chesterfield Town Hall, Rose Hill.
March to rally in Rykneld Square (Next to Chesterfield’s Crooked Spire)
Speakers from Remploy Campaign, Toby Perkins MP, John Burrows Leader Chesterfield Council, and other campaign speakers.

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