Monday, 9 July 2012

March for A Future That Works

Austerity isn’t working. Our country faces 

long-term economic problems. But our political 

 leaders have failed to face up to them.

For the next five years or more, unless policies change the 
economy won't grow, incomes won't rise, and there will be 
almost no new jobs.
If the government keeps on with big spending cuts and austerity  
we face a lost decade. Even on their own terms government 
policies are failing. To close the deficit we need a healthy 
growing economy that generates tax income. But austerity 
has led to a vicious circle of decline.
Instead of just letting the banks go back to business and 
bonuses as usual, we need policies that promote real jobs 
and a fairer economy.

We need A Future That Works.

Join us in London on 20 October, for a mass demonstration
to show the government the true scale of opposition 
to their economic programme.
Take the pledge now to march with us, or if you can't make
it in person, to take actions online in support of the day. 
Sign up online, and add your own message and photo to 
show why you support a different plan for the future.  
A Future That Works.

Pledge to join us now

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