Monday, 9 July 2012

Is your workplace getting a visit from Beecroft Rights Removals?

It’s been an eventful month for our new campaign to protect employment rights from the government’s program to erode them.
Tory donor and venture capitalist Adrian Beecroft’s secret report on cutting rights was leaked to the press, and the government have been caught out by the breadth of opposition to it.
After a blustering start, where Beecroft even tried to claim Business Secretary Vince Cable was a socialist for his opposition, he’s now been forced into a humiliating admission that he didn’t actually do any research before writing his conclusions, and they don’t have a sound economic footing.
However, the government’s plans for ‘reforms’ such as halving paid maternity leave are still on the cards, and we need to keep up the pressure over this.
Their confidence has been given a knock, and we’ve seen the proposed reforms are more vulnerable when they’re tackled as the big picture they really are – a plan to reduce your rights at work across the board.
We’ve made this video which draws the links between the issues in a short and darkly humorous way. Please help us keep up the pressure by watching the video and sharing it with your friends and colleagues.
The more people who get the message that the government have a wider plan for our rights at work, the harder it will be for them when they try to introduce individual measures like the maternity rights cut.
Please watch and share our video now.

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