Wednesday, 25 July 2012

JLR jobs - another boost for midlands manufacturing

Great news today as JLR announces another 1100 jobs for the Castle Bromwich site. In total, over the last 2 years, some 8000 jobs have been created at JLR. A much needed boost to jobs in our region.

And, of course, the new jobs represent another boost to the union members at the site that worked hard to keep the company going through tough times.

Now union members can share in the welcome job security, success and growth of the company that recent developments have secured.

These latest jobs are great news for the midlands and is a show of commitment in the region.

The manufacturing supply chain in the midlands is robust and this news will serve to strengthen this further.

Expertise, solid supply chains and a great geographical location are all factors that make the midlands the place for manufacturing.

The region has a proud history and can look forward - with the appropriate support, investment and promotion - to a positive future as the region that drives a manufacturing renaissance within the UK.

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