Friday, 11 May 2012

Unions and parents to protest against Nottinghamshire five term year

NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in Nottingham, will be joined  by GMB, UNISON and parents at a lobby of Councillor Jon Collins on Wednesday 16 May at 5pm at Loxley House against the imposition of the unpopular 5 term year in Nottingham.
Teachers, parents, governors and head teachers are opposed to the 5 term year proposed by Nottingham City Council. There is no educational benefit to a 5 term year, and the potential for widespread disruption as academies and foundation schools seek to opt out of the 5 term year and remain on the current 3 term year.
Nottinghamshire County Council have confirmed that they will not adopt the 5 term year leading to chaos for parents who live near the city boundary. Head teachers have reported a dramatic fall in applications for teaching posts in the city.
NASUWT and other unions have taken indicative ballots for industrial action against the 5 term year.
Carol O’Connor, secretary of Nottingham City NASUWT said ‘The 5 term year would cause chaos for parents, teachers and pupils. Nottingham City Council would be the only authority in the country to adopt the 5 term year and have freely admitted that this is an experiment which they will abandon if it doesn’t work.
‘NASUWT do not want to see a situation where educational attainment in the city is sacrificed while the city council experiments with this untested scheme. We encourage parents, governors’ to attend the lobby."

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