Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Huge claimant to job vacancy ratios threatens our economic recovery

Rob Johnston, Midlands TUC Regional Secretary

Responding to the latest unemployment figures published today (Wednesday) by the Office for National Statistics, Midlands TUC Regional Secretary Rob Johnston said:
“Today’s figures are mixed, with a welcome fall in unemployment in the west midlands.
“However, we are still left with huge claimant to job vacancies ratios in parts of the region which remain stubbornly high. This, together with the collapse in wages is terrible news for people both in and out of work and threatens our chances of economic recovery.
“The number of under-employed people, who are taking part-time and temporary jobs for a lack of permanent full-time work, has hit two million for the first time ever.
“The falling number of full-time jobs and six per cent fall in real wages over the last two years means that people are having to make huge salary sacrifices and put their careers on hold just to stay in work.
“People’s incomes and job security today are barely any better than they were at the height of the financial crash. Unless governments act together and stop our austerity misery spiral, the UK’s economic depression will continue for far longer than feared.”
Local authority      Region            Total claimants      Vacancies   Ratio

Dudley                 West Midlands   10,154                       947        10.7

Wolverhampton    West Midlands   12,108                    1,394          8.7

Birmingham          West Midlands   50,239                     5,871         8.6

Sandwell              West Midlands   13,810                     1,633         8.5

Walsall                 West Midlands   10,647                     1,702         6.3

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