Monday, 30 April 2012

Have Your Say on HighPay

Have Your Say on HighPay, a campaign tackling excessive boardroom pay has been launched this week and we are encouraging you to get involved.

We all know that the chief executives of Britain’s biggest companies have enjoyed staggering pay rises in recent years while average wages have stagnated. Clearly rewards for failure at the top simply must be stopped.
Most people believe that we are powerless to do anything about it…but that simply isn’t the case!
Your pensions fund is a shareholder in Britain’s biggest companies and gets a vote on their pay packages.
FairPensions have developed an online action tool which allows you to contact your pension fund manager directly to tell them enough is enough.
Take Action now

If you have pension savings or an ISA* then you have a stake in Britain’s biggest companies and you can take action today to help change the way companies reward their top earners.
This is a unique opportunity to break down the barriers to the boardroom and make your voice heard!
*Stocks and shares ISA only

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