Monday, 2 April 2012

‘Grassroots’ conference on Saturday 26th May

Grassroots 2012: May 26th, Congress House
We’re a community of trade unionists and progressive organisations committed to tackling the big challenges we face right now. To do that we’ve set up Grassroots, a conference and space that lets us share and hear the most exciting and practical ideas on campaigning, organising and mobilisation.

This year, Grassroots is going to focus on three areas that will help us tackle the challenges we face right now.
Rise up! Building support
How we campaign effectively on issues.

2, 4, 6, 8: How will people congregate
How can we build membership organisations that engage?

Reaching Out
How do we communicate our messages effectively?

For each theme we have three speakers who will be given 20 minutes to put forward their idea and demonstrate its practical use. After we’ve heard all the ideas, there is a networking session to allow all participants to discuss what they’ve heard and share experiences.

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Also follow it on Twitter: @grassroots_uk

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