Sunday, 16 October 2011

When will George Osborne finally wake up?

When will George Osborne finally wake up?

George is seemingly fixated by his politically motivated plan to eradicate the structural deficit in time for the next election. Seemingly chucking yet more people onto the economic scrap heap is a price worth paying for George.

However, increasing unemployment will simply make it impossible to reduce the deficit. West Midlands unemployment in the three months to August rose by 8,000 to 234,000 an increase of 3.5%

How can this be good for the deficit? More people not paying tax and claiming benefit. It really is the economics of the mad house.

One can only hope that George has read this weeks New Statesman with the excellent contributions outlining practical measures that can get our economy moving. Check out the leader here:

Things we can do? Investment bank; regional support; house building, money direct to consumers. It is not rocket science.

George, if you listen you may yet get the growth you need to tackle the deficit. If you don't, all your scheming and political strategy for a Tory majority in 2015 will surely come crashing down around you.

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