Monday, 10 October 2011

Disability Forum Focus

The Midlands TUC Disability Forum has published its' first enewsletter and this is now available on the TUC website here:

The newsletter has information relating to World Mental Health day, which falls today. It also highlights The Hardest Hit campaign, which is having two rallies in Nottingham and Birmingham on 22nd October, and has information on our Forum.
Midlands TUC Regional Secretary, Rob Johnston said, "
Our Disability Forum is keen to campaign publicly on issues so that the voice of working disabled people can be heard on issues that directly affect them – but will also have resonance with many more disabled people in our society.
This edition has been produced specifically for World Mental Health day, which falls today, 10th October. Hundreds of thousands of people at work face ignorance, prejudice and stigma because of mental health problems. Even more – who are both able and willing to work – cannot get a job if they have or have had a mental health problem because of discrimination by employers. This goes on even though it is illegal under the Disability Discrimination Act. Our Forum is keen to see Mental Health issues in the workplace taken seriously.

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