Saturday, 22 February 2014

TUC says Nottingham needs a Pay Rise

Trade Unionists from across the Midlands will be joined by Nottingham South MP Lillian Greenwood today, (Saturday) demanding that "Nottingham Needs A Pay Rise".
Ahead of the Midlands TUC AGM, around 100 trade unionists representing unions from both the public and private sectors will be campaigning in Nottingham's Market Square.
Said Rob Johnston, Midlands TUC Regional Secretary:
"The return of economic growth is welcome. However, it is clear that ordinary people are still not benefiting. For too many years wages have lagged behind inflation, leading to this severe cost of living crisis.
That is why trade unionists from right across the region will be descending on Nottingham to demand that "Nottingham Needs A Pay Rise"
Our services have been cut to the bone, terms and conditions eroded during the recession. To ensure that we secure a sustainable recovery, workers in Nottingham - and across the Midlands - need a pay rise to enable them to make ends meet.
The message is simple. The message is clear "Nottingham Needs A Pay Rise
Further information:

A shopping trolley, banners and info graphics highlighting flat lining wages compared to rising prices will form the centre piece of the media photo opportunity.

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