Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Falling unemployment welcome - but long way to go

Iis welcome news that 30,000 people have found employment in the midlands in recent months. As we know, the midlands has suffered hard from the steep recession and any decrease in unemployment is welcome. 
However, unemployment still remains high with over 410,000 people still without work in the midlands and youth unemployment remains scandously high.

Jobs, jobs, jobs. That needs to be the mantra of government.

And, it is still worrying that the vast majority of jobs created are part-time, low-wage, insecure jobs. With prices continuing to outstrip wages the squeeze on ordinary peoples finances continue to be fierce.

So perhaps the mantra should be decent jobs, decent jobs, decent jobs.

We need a recovery that secures decent jobs and fair wages for all.

So decling unemployment is a good sign. But we are just at the foothills of recovery. And what's more, we have to keep organising and campaigning for a recovery that works for working people and not a return to the casino capitalism of the past.

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