Friday, 11 October 2013

TUC supports Mental Health and Wellbeing Charter for Derbyshire

As part of the excellent World Mental Health day event in Derby this week, attendees were invited to sign the Derbyshire NHS Trust inspired Mental Health and Wellbeing Charter. The Charter seeks to tackle mental health discrimination and bring debate on mental health issues on a par with discussions on physical health. The Charter is being promoted by Derbyshire NHS Trust and already has many supporters.

Pictured signing the Charter is Wash, the Chair of our Midlands TUC Pensioners Network, who supported the TUC information stand on the day.

The event was centered around a play - Unsent Letters - a one woman show about a woman whose child has been put up for adoption as she faces a difficult future in a medium secure mental hospital. This play focuses on the experiences of the BME community and the forensic mental health system. The play includes a piece on the experience of the woman as she is placed to work in a supermarket as part of her rehabilitation, raising many issues about mental health issues in the workplace.

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