Monday, 30 September 2013

Save Our Royal Mail Campaign

The Save Our Royal Mail campaign, currently being led by the CWU, has the 100% support of the Midlands TUC. As the TUC General Secretary, Frances O’Grady, made clear at the TUC Congress "we will fight this latest, senseless, sell-off of the family silver – hands off our Royal Mail." The support of the trade union movement is unequivocal. With solidarity, commitment and determination we can, and will, win the battle to save the Royal Mail.

It is clear that the Save Our Royal Mail campaign has broad based support from unions and community groups, and that CWU members from right across the Midlands and the UK have been conducting a brilliant campaign that has been successful in raising awareness of the issues involved and in garnering widespread public support.

As a result of the CWU campaigning, the public are increasingly aware that privatisation can only but result in a deterioration in the universal postal service. A deterioration that will impact disproportionately on deprived and isolated communities; severely hit small businesses, and negatively impact on the dedicated Royal Mail workforce.

Quite simply privatisation is being pursued by the Government to sell off a successful business to the private sector on the back of outdated, misguided and wholly misplaced neo-liberal ideology. Unfettered free markets resulted in the 2008 crash from which we the country is still suffering. Clearly, this Government has not learnt the lessons.

And, what’s more, it is clear privatisation is singularly rejected by the British people. The most recent opinion poll has shown that 70% of the public are opposed to this senseless sell-off – including a majority of Tory voters.

So, it is clear that the opposition to privatisation is strong, with the public instinctively understanding the vital role that the Royal Mail plays in British society.

The Midlands TUC stands squarely with the CWU in this fight.

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