Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Erewash Borough Council to debate Pay Fair motion

The campaign against the introduction of regional pay into public services has been gathering momentum in recent weeks.

Indeed, as the realities of regional pay begin to loom large, increasing numbers of politicains from across the political spectrum are voicing concern that regional pay will entrench the North/South divide and ensure that areas such as the Midlands will forever be a low-wage region.

To that end, Erewash Borough Council will be debating the issue at a full Council meeting on June 21st. If passed, the motion will commit the Borough Council to join the national Fair Pay Campaign and lobby for the support of all local MPs.

Cllr Cheryl Pidgeon who is pushing the motion said:

"I'm asking Councillors from across the political divide to vote for Erewash, by backing our public sector workers and supporting this Motion.

Public sector pay differentials would devastate the economy of the entire East Midlands and cause a terrible reduction in the quality of essential public services like health and education.

Retaining and attracting staff will be difficult because excellent professionals will know that they can earn more for doing the same job elsewhere.

And far from boosting the pay of private sector worker, wages in all sectors could nosedive because we’ll be forever stigmatised as a low pay region."

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