Friday, 9 March 2012

Closure of Leicester Remploy

Closure of Leicester Remploy
The decision to close the Leicester Remploy facility with the loss of 23 jobs – 20 of which are for disabled people – is an attack on some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Remploy was initially set up in 1946 to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities, many of them injured servicemen returning from the war.
This week  we saw the government sack 1,752 people across the country with the Leicester facility included as one of the 36 factories to close. Rather than putting more disabled workers on the dole the government should be using EU procurement rules that allow supported manufacturing jobs for disabled workers. Not enough public bodies were placing orders with Remploy leading to a lack of work in the factories. The government should encourage public sector bodies to award contracts to Remploy for work that will provide a sustainable future for the company and its’ workers.
The government’s action is a disgrace, and should be immediately withdrawn. Urgent plans need to be put forward to fully utilise the capabilities that these sites clearly have. They will not though, because they just don’t care about the damage they are doing.
Rob Johnston
Regional Secretary
Midlands TUC
Further information: 
The 2 links below include a C4 clip where a Remploy worker explains why he is devastated - please watch, please pass on to as many as you can by whatever means.

Please sign and have signed the e petition, Unite and GMB will fight and fight to change this decision.
Any contributions to the " Remploy Fighting Fund" can be send to me  @  Unite the Union, Unit 2, Pride Point Drive, Pride Park, Derby DE248BX, all donations will be put to good use.
Remploy closures are "a despicable act"

HELP SAVE REMPLOY - Go to and sign the petition

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