Thursday, 2 February 2012

Northamptonshire MP Brian Binley sees the light

Responding to East Midlands MP Brian Binley’s comments that the Chancellor has ‘lost his toolbox’ in finding ways to kick start growth, Rob Johnston, Midlands TUC Regional Secretary, said:

“The TUC, the IMF and now even Conservative MPs are raising concerns about the government’s self-defeating austerity policies that are choking off growth and sucking demand out of the economy.”
“Faced with a contracting economy, falling business and consumer confidence the Chancellor needs to change course quickly and find a plan for growth.”
“With banking lending needing to more than double to meet the UK’s economic needs, the Chancellor should  fast-track infrastructure projects like house-building and road improvements, setup a new state investment bank and reform our banks so that they serve the consumer, rather than just enrich themselves.”
“Mr Binley should be encouraging the government to invest in Northamptonshire’s public services not cutting them. It is madness to be cutting street lighting – and literally cutting off lampposts – when until just before Christmas they were made at Tata Steel in Corby which has just announced a further 110 job losses. Investment should be made in Northamptonshire’s infrastructure generating demand and improving the area for business growth.”

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