Friday, 23 December 2011

What do you know about Vulnerable Employment?

Are you employed in a workplace where there are vulnerable workers? If so, your knowledge could help us in developing strategies to help us reach out to those suffering in the economy.
The TUC Education service is encouraging trade union education tutors across the country to adjust course content to include developing union strategies for vulnerable workers; that is working people who are in ‘precarious work that places people at risk of continuing poverty and injustice resulting from an imbalance of power in the employer-worker relationship’
Guidance to tutors attempts to build on the work of the TUC Commission on Vulnerable Employment has recently been circulated in the TUC Education document ‘Learning about vulnerable workers (TUC 2011). It is supported by the recent work of Chris F Wright, a research fellow in the Faculty of Economics at the University of Cambridge.
Chris’s paper 'What role for trade unions in future workplace relations' is part of a series of discussion documents produced by ACAS and can be found at:
Anyone interested in UK employment relations should work through this ACAS series but the overview that Chris Wright gives will be particularly useful in helping union reps see more clearly what is going on in industrial relations and where their work fits in.

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