Sunday, 20 November 2011

The TUC is calling for an end to violence and discrimination against transgender people on Transgender Day of Remembrance today (Sunday).

Around the world 20 November each year is recognised as Transgender Day of Remembrance. The Day commemorates trans people who have been the victims of violent crimes and aims to bring their stories to public attention.

This year sees the 13th international global day of tribute, and new names are still being added to the list of trans people who have been murdered simply because they were different. In Britain last year, there were 357 trans victims of hate crime reported - a rise of 14 per cent on 2009.

Midlands TUC Regional Secretary Rob Johnston said: 'The profile of trans people is improving with sympathetic coverage on mainstream television, and the government appears to be committed to challenging the prejudice and discrimination they face.

'But the level of violence faced by trans people - and the reported crimes could be only the tip of the iceberg - represents an appalling percentage of a very small community.

'Prejudice against trans people remains deep, as it does for lesbian, gay and bisexual people, and public spending cuts could severely impact on the ability of authorities to identify and tackle such crimes.'

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