Thursday, 1 September 2011

Online campaigning for the NHS

Have you seen our online plans on NHS campaigning? We’ve several campaign actions live now, building for the vigils around the third reading and passage over to the Lords. These are all currently being linked in from the campaign hub we are building at the All Together for the NHS site: 
Photo mosaic
Users can upload their faces to be included in a giant photo mosaic of a candle. We will be printing a large version of this to lobby with but also making it available to browse interactively and share online. We need around 3000 faces to make this a decent image (more is better!), so your help in spreading the word as widely as possible will be invaluable please.

Personal vigils
We’ve a pdf poster for people to display in their windows in the run up to 6/7 Sep, and are also asking people to add profile buttons on Facebook and Twitter (either a logo or a provided link to a Twibbon). We hope to be advertising union-organised local events that people can attend when we receive details.
The URL for this is 

Adopt a Peer
We have a campaign tool that matches people up with members of the House of Lords, and helps them to write emails or letters to their allocated Peer. We will be using this to better effect by asking people to return to ask more specific points on amendments as it is debated in the Lords. Again, if you’re able help us with getting more people to take this action please, it’d be really useful, to make sure each Peer gets a good number of contacts.

Please pass on this information - and sign up yourself for the actions above and do your bit to save our NHS!

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